Best Albums of 2018

aaron martin-touch dissolve

Aaron Martin – Touch Dissolves (iikki)

Ian Hawgood – 光 (Eilean / Home Normal)

Wanderwelle – Gathering of the Ancient Spirits (Silent Season)

Tangent – Approaching Complexity (n5MD)

Endless Melancholy – Fragments of Scattered Whispers (Dronarivm)

Low – Double Negative (Sub Pop)

Ian Hawgood, Danny Norbury  – Faintly Recollected (Home Normal)

Ben Chatwin – Staccato Signals (Village Green)

bvdub – A Different Definition of Love (Dronarivm)

Niklas Paschburg – Oceanic (7K!)

Zinovia Arvanitidi – Ivory (Kitchen. Label)

The Green Kingdom – Seen and Unseen (Sound in Silence)

Kyle Bobby Dunn/Wayne Robert Thomas – The Searchers/Voyevoda (Whited Sepulchre)

Christina Vantzou – No.4 (Kranky)

Jan Wagner – Nummern (Klangbad)

Aaron Martin – A room now empty (Preserved Sound)

Resina – Traces (130701)

r beny – eistla (self released)

ASC – Astral projection (Horo)

Rivulets – In our circle (Talitres)

Eli Keszler – Stadium (Shelter Press)

Markus Guentner – Empire (A Strangely Isolated Place)

Grouper – A Grid of Point (Kranky)

A Veil of Water – Late Night Loneliness (Hidden vibes)

Manu Delago – Parasol Peak (One Little Indian)

Great Lake Swimmers – The Waves, the Wake (Nettwerk)

Halftribe – For the Summer or Forever (Dronarivm)

Lissom – Lissom (Whales records)

Illuminine – #2 Reworks (Dauw)

Cyril Secq + Sylvain Chauveau – Minimal Guitar (Eilean)


Best track and video of the year:

Tambour – Silhouettes (Moderna)

Auteur : diveintosun

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