Best Albums of 2020

Album of the Year

Zelienople ~ Hold You Up (Miasmah) >> buy

Albums’ list:

Zelienople ~ Hold You Up (Miasmah) >> buy

Offthesky, The Humble Bee ~ We Were The Hum Of Dreams (laaps) >> buy

The Green Kingdom ~ Springhill (Hidden Vibes) >> buy

Juliana Barwick ~ Healing Is A Miracle (Ninja Tune) >> buy

bdrmm ~ Bedroom (Sonic Cathedral) >> buy

Keeley Forsyth ~ Debris (the Leaf Label) >> buy

Anna von Hausswolff ~ All Thoughts Fly (Southern Lord) >> buy

Slow Reels ~ Farewell Islands (Morr Music)>> buy

Inventions ~ Continuous Portrait (Temporary Residence) >> buy

Silent Vigils ~ Wake (Home Normal)>> buy

Worriedaboutsatan ~ Time Lapse (n5MD)>> buy

Ian William Craig ~ Red Sun Through Smoke (130701) >> buy

Seabuckthorn ~ Through A Vulnerable Occur (IIKKI) >> buy

Joshua Van Tassel~ Dance Music volume II: More Songs for Slow Motion (Backward Music) >> buy

Federico Mosconi ~ Il Tempo Della Nostra Estate (Slowcraft) >> buy

Tilman Robinson ~ CULTURECIDE (Bedroom Community) >> buy

Crack Cloud ~ Pain Olympics (Meat Machine)>> buy

Sarah Davachi ~ Cantus, Descant (Late Music)>> buy

Glåsbird ~ Norskfjǫrðr (Whitelabrecs) >> buy

Richard Skelton~ These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound (Phantom Limb) >> buy

Christina Vantzou ~ Multi Natural (Edições CN) >> buy

Katie Gately ~ Loom (Houndstooth) >> buy

Gilroy Mere ~ Adlestrop (Clay Pipe) >> buy

Claire Deak, Tony Dupé ~ The old capital (Lost Tribe Sound) >> buy

Mary Lattimore ~ Silver Ladders (Ghostly International) >> buy

From Overseas ~ Home (Past Inside the Present) >> buy

Meitei ~ Kofū / 古風 (Kitchen. Label) >> buy

Clarice Jensen ~ The experience of repetition as death (130701) >> buy

Sophie Hutchings ~ Scattered On The Wind (Mercury KX) >> buy

Lucy Gooch ~ Rushing (Past Inside the Present) >> buy

Label of the Year


Video of the Year

Ólafur Arnalds – WOVEN SONG

Auteur : diveintosun

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